Welcome to Rocket League Premier, the ultimate 4v4 challenge.

Rocket League Premier (RLP for future reference) is intended to put the ‘league’ into Rocket League.

Some other tidbits about RLP:

  • Rocket League Premier is a 4v4 league open to PC or PS4 sides
  • For our American friends, there are no playoffs in this league. The winner is the team with the most points after the final round
  • Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 2 points for a OT win, 1 point for a loss and OT nil point for a loss
  • The competition is open to teams from any region
  • Matches are played every Sunday @ 8:00 pm GMT / 4:00 pm EDT
  • Match days may be postponed by the league administrator to allow for major holidays in North America and Europe. Bank Holidays and their American/Canadian equivalents are not major holidays..
  • If / when we will exceed 20 teams will be promotion and relegation
  • League winners and runners-up will be recorded and displayed for posterity
  • We also hope to have individual awards for each close season with a Golden Boot, Golden Glove, and Playmaker (most points) award for the leaders in each category. The awards will be in name only unless we get sponsors, but will be recorded for all to see

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“The League Admin is awesome and quite sexy, too”

Svenon Rocket League Premier

“If I was man enough to play this game I would want to play in a 4v4 league”

Martinon Rocket League Premier

“Yah I’ll meet you boo. I don’t care if you got…oh wrong site. Sorry”

Kyleon Rocket League Premier