UPDATE - 03.10.15

All Change

In my last update I spoke about having a restart. It appeared this was not only the best way forward, but given time constraints, the only way forward. Unfortunately, restarting meant some teams would not get credit for their results to date. So, with the help of joppiedje from Most Wanted Soldiers, we were able to de-dupe the matches that had already been played against the remaining teams and, most importantly, come up with a modified fixture list for the remainder of this season. What it means is that any results a team has against one of the 8 remaining sides will still count, and matches that have yet to be played will be done in due course. Also, this weekend’s fixtures are the last set of partial fixtures and the following weeks will see a full slate of matches for all teams. In other words, this week will have some byes, but I’ve done my best to ensure no one has to wait around to finish their matches this week.

There are some other changes we’re making to the league as well, and they are outlined below. Don’t fret, it’s nothing major, just some changes to how we report scores and such. These changes are as follows:

  1. We will no longer be using rocket-league.com to report scores and screenshots. At least until their league functionality is updated to address our needs.
  2. Scores will be reported in the Results text channel on our Discord server.
  3. The Results channel will be restricted to one team rep per team. This is to avoid clutter and confusion. The main channel is still open to all.
  4. The winning team is still responsible for reporting not only the match score but also for pasting a screenshot of the final score into the Results channel.
  5. The table will be updated by me in real time upon receiving match scores and verifying screenshots. The official table can be found on this site via the top nav bar.
  6. Player stats will be updated on Mondays.
  7. All tables, fixtures, and player stats are currently up to date.
  8. With the reduction in teams, Season 1 will end on October 18th.  We will then have a two-week break to recruit more teams for Season 2.
  9. Once the league is stabilised and running smoothly, I will begin looking for prize sponsors. Prizes will be small and most definitely will not be cash, but hopefully it adds an element of fun.
  10.  And finally, a big thank you to joppiedje for volunteering to help with the fixtures and tables!

See you tomorrow.

Peek/League Admin

UPDATE - 29.09.15

WTF! Where are my stats!

You might be wondering why the official table hasn’t been updated yet. You might also be wondering why the player stats haven’t been updated either. Well, the reason is this:the fixture list is so screwed up that I have no choice but to restart this season. I know many of you are against a restart, I want to assure you I am, too.  However, I can see no way forward under the current circumstances.  I also feel I owe you all an explanation as to what, exactly, those circumstances entail.

The problem right now is two-fold.  Firstly, we’ve had half of the original 16 teams drop out or no show.  I’ve tried to find replacement teams to fill those spots, but it’s simply not happening.  In light of this fact, I feel obliged to concentrate on the teams who have deigned to show up each week and work toward a solution.  With only 8 teams, there are huge gaps in the fixtures that were generated based on a 16 team league.  A result is that some teams will get several byes each week, and I think MSW even had four byes on Sunday.  This is not fun for anyone.  So, we need to remake the fixtures with just the remaining teams, which would be easy enough except for the fact it can’t be done through rocket-league.com.  Which kindly segues into the second, and more important, reason we need to restart.

That reason is a function of how rocket-league.com works, and doesn’t work in some respects. Before I continue, I want to say the folks at rocket-league.com have been extremely supportive of our efforts to get this league going. So in no way do I fault them for the current predicament.  Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day and thus they can only do so much. The rocket-league.com league fixture list and results are untenable in their current form. Why?  Primarily because they’re not broken into separate rounds. Which means that when a fixture is completed, the one below it move up a place.  This would not be a problem if there were zero no-shows, but alas, that’s not the case.  So, with several teams dropping out and the fixture list moving about, we have little idea which teams have played each other already and I cannot ask you to sit through another week of byes and delays.

What does all this mean?

It means I need to spend the remainder of this week figuring out a solution. We will have matches this Sunday!  We will, hopefully, have all 8 teams present, resulting in no byes or waiting around. It might mean we have to forego rocket-league.com in the immediate until they have time to make some changes. At this point, I can only ask for your continued patience, safe in the knowledge I’m doing everything possible to make this league viable and fun.  Onward.

Peek/League Admin

UPDATE - 27.09.15

Hello again.

To say this week has been a bit of a letdown is a massive understatement. As all of you know, 6 of our 16 team league decided to drop out and will no longer participate. Initially I thought, no problem, we’ll just replace them with any number of other sides waiting to play. During the past week, I emailed exactly 198 teams with a two sentence email inviting them to join our league and explaining the match times. I received 4 responses, two of which initially said yes, then backed out. Unfortunately, the 198 teams I contacted represent all teams with 5 or more players on rocket-league.com. I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ve been exhaustive in my efforts. So, that leaves us with a few choices which I will outline below…

  1. Continue On – The most obvious thing to do is continue with the remaining teams. This would leave us with a 10 team league, which is certainly viable. However, any less than 10 teams and I think it starts to become difficult. The benefit of continuing is that we can finish a season, during which we’ll hopefully add more teams for season #2.
  2. Restart – This may sound slightly over the top, but it would allow us a little more time to recruit more teams, and most importantly, reset the hideously fucked up fixture list.
  3. Restart With Match Times Change – One of the teams who decided not to join did so because they play every Sunday in the ESL 3v3 tournament which begins one hour before our league. Seeing as it’s a tournament they could not guarantee their availability for our league, which is understandable. In light of this, I am considering a change to scheduling which would allow for earlier match times each Sunday. The drawbacks to this are that each team captain would have to schedule their matches weekly, which is no problem for some, and a big problem for others. If we do this, I would envision posting a weekly fixture list on Monday mornings with all teams to finish their matches for that week by Sunday at 9pm GMT/11pm CEST/10pm BST/5pm EDT. This not only means finishing play, but also reporting scores and uploading screenshots of the final score.

So that’s where we’re at currently and I need feedback on the above options from all team captains as soon as possible. Please email me on rocketleagueprem@gmail.com or tweet with your replies to @RL_Premier

See everyone in a few hours for match day 2!

Peek / RLP Admin

Update - 21.09.15

Well that was interesting. The first week of matches are in the books and although we had a few no-shows, we will be working hard to find replacement teams where needed and re-scheduling those matches for sometime before next Sunday. At least that’s the hope. There is every possibility we will need to use next Sunday to catch up the missed matches, thus pushing back week 2 a bit. I would like to thank all the teams who showed up yesterday and for their cooperation and patience in getting this league up and running. Next week should be a lot smoother – fingers crossed.

The Official Table and Player Stats section have been updated. Unfortunately, the player stats are slightly incomplete as we are missing some final score screenshots. Unless those screenshots appear soon, the players in question will have incorrect player stats. Not the end of the world by any means, but it would be nice to see everyone on a level playing field. This is why I ask all teams to make sure you upload a clearly visible screenshot at the end of each game. Without it, we can’t have nice things.  You’ll also notice the Official Table is different to the one available on rocket-league.com. There are a couple reasons for this; firstly, the table on rocket-league.com is difficult to read because the column headers are out of line with the columns, and secondly, I gave all the teams who showed up yesterday one additional point simply for reading the rules and showing on time. Which leads nicely into the next part.

You may be asking yourself, ‘why has he created yet another website for us to remember? Too many websites already!’. I agree.  This website is not here as a permanent fixture by any means. However, it is a necessity at the current time. Why? Because the developers at rocket-league.com have limited resources and are currently prioritising other things, like tournaments rather than leagues. My hope is that sometime soon everything we need to be able to efficiently run our league will be hosted on that site. Until then, I must redirect you here.

And lastly, it would be helpful if all team captains and co-captains would follow us on twitter (@RL_Premier) as a means of ensuring everyone is aware of news and last minute changes. This is not a request to spam you with twitterings, but simply a means to an end. You don’t have a Twitter account ? No problem! They’re free!  Set up a fake one and create an account. The alternative is to request an email address from all captains but we would like to avoid that if possible because people don’t check their emails regularly.

OK, that’s all and once again, thanks to everyone who played yesterday, I hope it was fun!  Will post again as soon as possible about the rescheduled matches.

League Admin/[NCFC] Peeking Duck?